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Nov 01, 2011


I have been researching about rollover button in the PowerPoint. The most elegant way I found to do this is creating flash button swf and imported into PowerPoint. The only downside with this approach is that you have to pre-code the click function in the flash button itself. You can not changed this on "fly" in the PowerPoint.

The other way is to create duplicate slides but this will not work at all after articulate publish. So I am looking for another or a better way. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Benny Kurniawan

hmm.. interesting that you are mentioning publishing. I was trying to get it to work in the preview feature.

Btw, having the "data" files in the root files does work.

If this is the case, then this will be very cumbersome. You want to make sure the buttons work properly. but in order to do that you have to publish it instead of using the preview feature. Is there a workaround to get it to work in the preview feature?

Phil Mayor

No way round it sorry, the only other way is just to edit the actionscript each time you do it.  there is this, but the buttons need to be horizontal or vertical

It really depends on where you have asked your swf to look for the xml, we always look for an xml folder in the root

slide dynamic

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