set up skin presenter

Sep 10, 2014

Hi all, is posible get out the navigation bar and buttons of a skin of presenter? I need make a skin that show content in a rate 16:9, full screen. Anyone knows if this is posible?

Thanks in advance.

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Nelson Diaz

The AP13 player can display your content at a 16:9 aspect ratio and resize automatically to fill the screen (see attached image). You could also hide the menu by moving it to the top bar, so it displays only when clicking the menu tab.

To change the aspect ratio, click "page setup" on the powerpoint ribbon design tab, and select "on-screen show (16:9)" for your slide size. To fill the screen, click the player button on the articulate ribbon, and then click "other" to check browser settings. Change browser size to "resize browser to fill screen" and player size to "scale player to fill browser window". You may also check the "launch player in new window" and the "display window with no browser controls" boxes.

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