Slide Masters Not Appearing (upgrade from 09 to 360)

Feb 06, 2017


I have been doing some testing using Studio 360 with upgrading some legacy .09 courses.

All works fine, but when I preview/publish some of the slide masters do not appear while others do. I have checked and the 'Show slide masters behind interactions' tick box is on.

Has anyone else experienced this? Seems a little random to show some but not all slide masters. There's nothing special about them, just images in the background. (simple fix has been to copy everything from slide master to the slide, but this does invalidate the point of the slide masters and add lots of extra development time!)

Apart from that I am quite happy with how it functions. I have attached a small snippet of a course showing the problem. You can see the slide master behind the slide in design view, but when you preview it, it doesn't show up.




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Jake Hurt

I have tried with a different course (this time an upgrade from Studio 13), no slide masters are showing in this one either.

I saw a few issues where slide masters don't appear behind interactions in the mobile player, however the slide masters aren't appearing at any point, regardless of device (PC, tablet, etc.)

Any ideas? I am getting a colleague to see if they can recreate the issue as I want to rule out whether it is a software bug or my computer exploding.

Jake Hurt

Thanks Leslie, I was starting to tear my hair out over it!

Bit of a weird issue, obviously something deep down was changed in Articulate that doesn't support names like that anymore. Little bit annoying for us as our whole library of 09 and 13 courses use a uniform slide master set which is named like the above.

I mean, it only takes a couple of minutes to rename them in each course, but it's a bit weird that the issue is restricted to Studio 360 only. (when I imported the same projects into both storyline 2 and storyline 360 there was no issue at all.)



Jake Hurt

It happens on the jump from 13 to 360 as well, any PPT which has slide master layouts with special characters in the name.

Going from 09 to 13 is fine
Going from 09 and 13 to Storyline 2 is fine
Going from 09 and 13 to Storyline 360 is fine

Going from 09 and 13 to Studio 360 is where the issue arises

I haven't narrowed it down yet as to what exact characters did it (I removed the _ . and /), I guess that would be the next test.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Jake for the update and sorry we missed you yesterday. 

We typically recommend to remove special characters, symbols, etc. from file names and titles, and we've seen similar issues with accented characters in slide titles causing odd behavior - so it's a good reminder and appreciate that you shared it here. 

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