Some Quizmaker slides restarting

Sorry if this has been asked and answered but it's a pretty specific problem and I could find the answer anywhere else.

I've got a large articulate presentaiton with about 10 different quizmaker files embedded.  For almost all of them, if you return to the page after having completed the quiz it shows the quiz result.  However for 2 of the 10, when you return to the page it starts back at the beginning of the quiz. This is particular irritation because users then are forced to retake the quiz to escape from the page (due to a specific requirement that these quizes be locked down)

All of the quizmaker settings in Articulate are the same (force user to complete the quiz, allow unlimited attempts, etc) and as far as I can tell all of the relevant settings in the quizmaker player template are the same. I can't see any reason why these two quizes would be behaving differently then all the others.

Does anyone know of any settings that could cause this?  I've already tried some random futzing, like deleting the slide and re-inserting the quiz, and randomly changing the number of attempts, hoping that it would force some sort of change, but it hasn't worked.

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chris cook

Nevermind - I figured it out.  It's funny how sometimes you just need to type out your problem to force yourself to think about it closer.  Turns out (if anyone is interested) that the issue was the option in quizmaker to prompt to restart where you left off the last time - I wouldn't have thought it was an important setting for an embedded quiz, but I'm going to assume that it affects how cookies are handled which would be important when displaying results from previous attempts.