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David Anderson

Hi Chris and welcome to E-learning Heroes!

You can do a Save as... to create a duplicate presentation. Then, go back into each presentation and delete the unneeded slides. Here's a quick screencast overview of the process:

And here's some general info on how the pptx and ppta files work together:

Peter Anderson

Hey Paul!

The suggested method for merging two or more Articulate presentations into one is the following: 

1) Open both PowerPoint files, and decide which file is the master. 
2) In the secondary presentation(s), click in the slide view area, and press CTRL+C to copy all slides. 
3) Switch to the master file, click in the slide view area, and press CTRL+V to paste the copied slides. 
4) If you have recorded narration in the secondary presentation(s), export the audio from each secondary presentation using the steps in this article: 


5) Then import the audio files into the master presentation: 

Jordyn Matusevich

Is there a suggested way to rename your new presentation? My situation is like the 1st one, I have a full course that I'm dividing into 3 mini modules.  Each mini module will have a new name, but currently it has the name of the master module. I know Saving As sometimes causes problems.


Paul Nunn

I wonder if opening the ppta vs pptx then saving it causes the problems. I was able to fix mine by following the advice of importing and exporting audio files. I'm wondering if you'll have to do the same with dividing them out.

The elearning heroes forum has saved me quite a bit of hassle. Thanks everyone.

Chris Magill

I understand Dave Anderson's answer about using the package.  But after I delete the unwanted slides, the .ppta file is still the same size, which I assume means it has all the articulate info for the deleted slides still in it.  Is there any way to get rid of the unused material in the ppta file?

Iris Li

Trying to follow Peter Anderson's suggestions to merge multiple presentations into one course.  The two links he provided about how to export & import audio files  lead me to a support page with generic information:



Can someone point to me the updated links?