stop audio from repeating on main branched slide

I have created a level 1 slide that has 4 images for the student to click. The images are hyperlinked to open different level 2 slides. The slides work correctly when published, but the audio on the main level 1 slide plays/repeats every time the student returns via the level 2 slide hyperlink back to the level 1 slide. 

How do you set the audio to play when the level 1 screen opens the first time and does not play again when the student returns to click the next image to branch to the next screen?

Thanks in advance, Cheryl

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Cheryl! Though there isn't a feature that allows you to suppress the audio when the learner returns to the menu, here's a way that you could accomplish what you want: 

  1. Create a duplicate of your menu slide.
  2. On that duplicate slide, remove the audio.
  3. On your Level 2 slides, adjust the hyperlink so that it takes learners to the duplicate rather than the original menu.
  4. If your course contains a sidebar menu outline and you don't want the duplicate slide to appear there, you can hide it from the menu.

You might also want to adjust the branching in your slide properties, so that your player controls skip the duplicate slide if learners click forward or next from the slide immediately before or after it.

Hope that helps!