Strange green image showing up instead of my real image

Mar 14, 2017

This is odd, been having all sorts of issues today when publishing Studio 360 to a web package (not an lms).

Amongst other issues, I have image placeholders showing this strange green blob , on some of the pages.  Looks like what I have attached. No rhyme or reason.  I don't usually publish to web output -- always to LMS and did this for the first time with 360.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim,

It's hard to know what it could be from that image alone, but if you've got a copy of your Presenter course to share with us we’d be happy to take a look at your file. You’ll want to upload the Presenter package (which is the file prior to publishing) using the “ADD ATTACHMENT” button at the bottom of the forums reply window. If you’d prefer to not share in the public forums you’re always welcome to share with ourSupport Engineers. They’re available 24/7 to assist! 

Jim Powell

I would be happy to share with everyone -- love, I'm just a one-man-band on a lot of this stuff and I spent nearly 6 hours trying to get rid of the image, it seemed that all I had to do was add one particular image into the Presenter file and it corrupted things. I rebuilt the course several times.

I stripped out all the images in the program, then imported the content (the way you guys showed me) into another blank presentation, that almost worked, but then I realized that in the quizmaker quiz, that image wsa appearing for some reason... could not figure it out, so I went into the results slide and got rid of the background certificate frame I had and inserted another, and that seemed to work.  But some slides remained "damaged" as it still had a little squareish image placeholder mark randomly placed around the screen.

I've spent thousands of hours in Presenter now, but only once (three years ago) did I ever use it for non-lms publication (as a web file).  So something in there... these errors do NOT happen when published to the LMS.  Go figure.  I'm on a long flight tomorrow and will try and prepare something I can upload. My computer is littered with 2 dozen versions of this training program I've been trying to fix and rebuild, each time getting corrupted somehow, and something to do with an image insertion. But just a guess.  I'll see if I can get this uploaded later.

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