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Karen Marsh

Thank you for your suggestion, but that is not possible.  Articulate Studio 13 does not work on my main (newer, Windows 8 / Office 13) laptop, and will continue to not work unless (according to Articulate Support) I uninstall & reinstall Windows 8 - which I cannot afford the downtime & trouble to do.  I am currently running Studio  13 on my older, retrofitted laptop with Windows 7 & PowerPoint 10 BECAUSE it won't work on my newer one. And my newer one will not run Studio '09 because Studio '09 is incompatible with PowerPoint 13. 

The new client will be purchasing Studio 13 for this project, but a third-party partner is hosting the training on their LMS for the client, and may be asked to do edits and updates in the future.  The third-party partner is running Studio '09, and is not ready or able to upgrade to 13.   The reality is that it isn't really my problem, but I'm trying to be proactive in helping clients deal with a potential issue in a relationship involving multiple stakeholders.

I was hoping there might be another option, but apparently that is not the case.