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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Peter,

Currently Articulate Presenter doesn't offer a way to change the size of the text in the sidebar menu outline. That would make a good feature request.

One workaround you could try is this: click Slide Properties on the Articulate menu, and in the navigation title, you can add font tags before and after the text to increase the size. For an example, see the tags before & after the title for slide 1 in the picture below.

If you decide to do this, here are a couple of tips:

  • Increasing the font size of the slide titles in the sidebar will increase the likelihood that the titles won't fit within the sidebar width. So if you'd like the title text to wrap, on the Articulate menu you can select Player Templates > Other and in the Slide Titles section, click the option that says "Wrap title up to a maximum of (x) characters." And then of course enter the max number of characters you want to show.
  • If your sidebar also includes a Thumbnails tab or a Notes tab, then the font tags will appear in those tabs, unfortunately. So you might want to omit those tabs from your player. You can do that via Player Templates > Navigation> unmark "Thumnails" and "Notes."