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May 05, 2014


When I view the published output in an iPad / using the presenter_html5.html file in chrome on a desktop I usually see the logo is missing, whereas in the flash player version the logo is visible. when i add the logo again in the player i see the logo on the iPad / using the presenter_html5.html file in chrome on a desktop, however in this case i get a thin white border around the logo. how do i remove this border? please help. 

note the issue is only when using the html5 version (presenter_html5.html), the logo is fine when running on the flash version.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Art!

You can either change the color of the logo border, or you can make it completely transparent. 

Here's how:

  • Click on "Player" in the Articulate ribbon in PowerPoint.
  • Select "Colors & Effects". 
  • Click on the "Show advanced color options" link under "Colors".
  • From the "Edit item:" drop-down, select "Logo >> Background".
  • From here, set the "Transparency" to 100% or select a new color.

art_ art_

Thank you Leslie or the response.

though i have already tried the options you have explained above, none of the settings is working for HTML5 output.

the background colour and the shadow colour matches to that of the background color of the logo. hence i am clueless on what is causing that border to appear.

please help. I have a project to complete asap.

art_ art_

on further investigation i found that the logo is all correct when adding in the player window. When the output is published and I start the course using presenter_html5.html, the logo seems to have a background.

when i browse to the course folder and locate the logo i see the image itself has the border though the same image didn't when it was added in the player window earlier. this is quiet bizarre.

it also seems to happen only when i use light coloured images, for example when i replaced the logo with a blue rectangle of the same size, there was no border in the output, however the same rectangle with a lighter shade did carry the thin border.



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