Time restriction for eash slide - weak spot


I have latest Articulate Presenter v.6.3.1103.112pro. I have problem with executing the time restriction per each slide.

Conditions are:

user has to spend 20 seconds on each slide and cannot advance until that time will past.


When 'play' button is active (going to next slide) user click rapidly few times (for example 3 times) and then he manage to skip 3 slides and is able to ignore the restriction.

Additional info.:

If audio is attached to the slide - the multi-click "hack" is not possible

Please help me how to fix this problem as attaching audio to every slide isn't very effective solution.

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Mark Neuman

Hi Peter,

In the first place, thank you for your reply.

We've chosen restricted setting right now and we would like to leave it this way, as 'locked' setting would give way too much limits on our presentation.

We can't solve the descripted problem through settings available in Admin Interface - can you give me some advise?