Time Stamps

I am using JoomlaLMS and Presenter 09 and they have a report page for scorm lessons taken with time stamps. I have been getting unrealistic time stamps (very short, sometimes only a few seconds) even though I believe the students spent more time on the lesson so I questioned them about them. This is their response:

Dear Doug Thom,
JoomlaLMS support team replied to your request:
Hello Doug,
The completion status is sent by some SCORMs to LMS almost at once after a user opens them or e.g. after the first slide is passed. This is why the time of progress is zero or several seconds. The conditions of completing a SCORM are set in the SCORM settings before it is published. So to change the conditions - e.g. make the SCORM send completion status only after all slides are viewed or the quiz is passed etc. it is necessary to re-publish the SCORM with new settings.

 Does this make any sense to anyone? I have my tracking set to track slides, about 5% less than the number of slides in the lesson.

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