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Oct 01, 2014

Hi everyone,

I realize this is very long, so I greatly appreciate anyone that take the time to read it!

I'm working on converting course from English with narration into a version to be used for translation into multiple languages with no narration. The original course is linear, broken up into four sections - an introduction, followed by three mini-topics. Each topic has an interactive scenario associated with the content created in Quizmaker. The course concludes with a 10-question quiz, which is what is used by our LMS to track a pass/fail score.

Because the new version will have so much more text on each slide, due to being unable to translate the narration, we are looking to present it as linear, while suggesting you may leave the course at any time to take a break from the reading. It's hard to anticipate how many people will choose to go through it in one sitting - it will be administered to thousands of employees globally. We'd like to keep the scenarios and it was suggested we break out the current final quiz question pool and create a mini-quiz after each section to make it easier for those that choose to take the course in stages. There would be no final quiz. This presents the issue of tracking a score. I'm not really concerned with this part myself, but others are. Of course, Studio doesn't allow for a total score combined from multiple quizzes. What to do?

I also suggested breaking it up into four separate smaller courses, with a quiz at the end of each and having them sit in the LMS as a Program and requiring a passing score on all four parts in order to complete the Program, but this hasn't gone over well as it's seen as creating more work for the people that track the training and administer reports. Does anyone have any thoughts on making this work most effectively? I'm stumped. I want to make sure people are comfortable leaving the course and returning later because I just can't see anyone gaining much from clicking through all of these slides at once and managing to pass a final quiz. 

My other question is if there is someone else within my company that has a Storyline license, how much work would need to go into importing the PowerPoint slides and creating a quiz that can be spread throughout the course and tallied for one final score? I don't have much experience with Storyline myself. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Laura!

If this is knowledge that should be retained by those taking the course, it seems that the 10 question quiz at the end should be totally feasible. As they should be learning the material at whatever pace they progress.

As for your Storyline question, the import from Powerpoint is not one-to-one, but you are right if you must break up the quizzes into mini-quizzes, it would allow you to have result slide of your results.

Hopefully others will chime in with their suggestions and best practices.

Laura M

Hi Leslie,

What you're saying makes complete sense. I was completely over-thinking this project. I've been so wrapped up in the fact that the narration has to go, that I've been creating bigger issues trying to accommodate the employees that will need these translated versions.

Hopefully this point will go over well and we will be able to leave everything basically as-is!

Much appreciated,


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