Training materials which are not videos

Buenas tardes a todos,

I work in a collegue in Edinburgh and I have started working with Presenter. Although I have a strong background working with open course courses, this is my first time with Articulate products (Engage, Quiz Maker, etc).

They are all great and have a tremendous potential.

I would like to ask the community about training materials which are not videos, like a pdf guide or wiki. For me,  it would be faster to learn in that way.

Thank you very much for your advice.

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Gerry Wasiluk
Peter Anderson

Hi Aubrey!

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. We've recently undergone some new and exciting changes on our site, and we're still tying up some loose ends.

Are you looking for any specific information, or just looking to get started with some general information? Personally, I don't think there's any better place to learn your way around Studio '09 than diving right into the tutorials. From there, you can easily navigate yourself through our various products with the drop-down menu on the right. 

Let us know if there is something specific you're looking for and we'd be happy to help!

Peter Anderson