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Brian Batt

Hi Terri,

If your published Articulate Presenter output plays properly on your local computer, but won't load after you've uploaded it to your Web site, please review the knowledge base article(s) below for possible solutions: 

Presenter '09: 


Presenter 5: 


Terri Goold

Hi Brian,

Thanks. I have looked at those articles. I did use the FTP client that comes with Articulate just to make sure it was uploaded correctly. I've downloaded those two xml files and opened them up and they don't "look" corrupt to me, but I guess they could be. Using the
Articulate FTP client is supposed to prevent the corruption from what I understand. Correct me if I'm wrong.

As far as the seek bar saying "SLIDE 100 of 160 PRESENTATION COMPLETE"  the presentation never gets that far. It never loads. It just shows the loading bar that I took a snapshot of and is in the tread up above.

I did read something about the server needs to be configured with a Flash MIME. I've passed that info on to our IT department, but haven't heard anything yet. Has anyone ever experienced that?

Brian Batt

Hi Terri,

Thanks for posting the link.  It looks like the server is getting stuck on the following file:


I would recommend relaying this information to your IT group to see if there's some sort of setting on the server sides that is preventing XML files from being read.

If I try to access the file directly from your site & then load the presentation, I can finally get the presentation to load (the playerproperties.xml file is loaded into the browser's cache).  So, it looks like the server is setup in such a way that prevents an HTML file from accessing the XML file that it needs.