Urgent Question, Presenter messing up?

Hey everyone.  I'm presenting the presentation I've made this Thursday.  However, something weird has happened now with it and I have no idea what's going on.

When I launch the quiz a second time, after having opened it up once before, a text box is supposed to appear that asks the user if they want to continue where they left off or start from the beginning.  I get a blank text box that pops up.  Even the 'Yes' and 'No' buttons the user can click on are blank.  I just get a square that pops up with two smaller squares at the bottom.

Also, the information in the seekbar no longer looks the same.  I used to have the information in it that told how much time has elapsed and how much time is left, but now I just have these weird numbers that show up.  Definitely not times.

I haven't done anything differently, so that's what leads me to believe that it's something weird going on with the software.  Surely someone else has experienced this before, might know how to fix it, or offer suggestions.  I would be SO appreciative!!

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Brian Batt

Hi Tammy,

If you receive a blank pop-up message, dialog, button, or label during playback of a published Presenter ‘09 presentation, it indicates that one or more text labels in your player template are blank. Please review the following article for more information: 


This will also likely resolve the issue in your seekbar.

Tammy Smith

Thank you so much Brian!!  That really helped and fixed everything.  I really appreciate it!  I have no idea it did that, though.  I looked at the text labels section once a couple weeks ago, and to my knowledge, I didn't change any of the text boxes.  Has anyone else had this happen to them before where half of the text boxes just went blank?