User-agent sniffing advice for an AP/ASP environment


I know this is somewhat of a fringe question. However, I'd appreciate some guidance here from anyone knowing Articulate and ASPX files.

I have a client who has traditionally replayed their presentations from a PHP server.  I use a PHP snippet in the player.html file (renamed using .php) which sniffs an end-user's browser user-agent and delivers either the usual AP package (desktop) or a device-specific MP4 file (iPhone and iPad). The PHP script is a simple IF, THEN, ELSE scenario. It works well for my needs.

Anyway, my problem is that this client has just moved their archive to an ASP server (no PHP). Their server admin is having trouble implementing a similar user-agent sniffing fix, because of something related to aspx and how the AP javascript needs to be handled.

This is beyond my ability to fix myself. So, I'm about to go to oDesk or sim to find a fix. But, I wanted to check here first, to see if anyone has employed something similar or knows about the javascript issue mentioned and may be able to help.

Thanks in advance for your help..!!

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John Scudder

Hey Brian

Thanks for your reply...

Since the links you posted are to general aspx/mobile information, I'll assume there's nothing special to consider relative to AP's player.html page and the javascript conflict I mentioned.  Again, this is the claim of my client's 'asp expert'.

The logic in the example linked to above seems similar to what I used with PHP (if you're an iPad, goto this URL...if you're an iPhone, goto this URL...if you're neither, continue on your merry way and load the html below).  So, my next is to verify that my client's expert is indeed an expert by hiring an asp person of my own.

Thanks again...