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Jun 17, 2011


Can an articulte be published for ipod or ipad? With all the functionality? Also I've been asked if an articulate can be produced as mp4

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Doug Thom

We recommend that our students who want to use their iPads download and install the Photon browser.  This functions as a normal browser but can switch to a flash session when flash content (Articulate Presenter 09) content is shown.  It is available from the Apple store for $5.00. Although not a perfect solution it seems to get the job done.

I am still working on what size to make the Presenter slide to include the controls in the view window of the browser (currently using 600) but the table of contents can be used to navigate if the slide frame is too big to show the controls.  Move the arrow through the toc and tap to select the slide.

Nancy Woinoski

Diana Marcus said:

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your response. Do you know whether we can upgrade to Storyline for a nominal charge? 

Hi Diana, I don't think the licensing works that way. Articulate sells Storyline under a completely separate license because it is a separate product so you can't buy an upgrade from Presenter to Storyline. In your case if you just bought Presenter, it might be worthwhile contacting Articulate to see if you can return it and then buy the Storyline license.

Mike Bethany

Todd Green

With Articulate Storyline, can I create one single presentation (not a presentation for each media player type) and then have the output be a single hosted URL link that can be accessed by any mobile device and desktop without having to specify that I need the presentation to download in html5 or flash, etc? ...

Also, does Storyline give me the ability to update an existing presentation and then whenever someone views that presentation link, they would get the most up to date version of that presentation without having to republish the links?

 All of that I can do seamlessly with Brainshark. Can I do it with Storyline?

For the first question yes, there is a single html file (story.html) that does all the work of figuring out where to send the client browser.

For the second question about publishing an update and having the client automatically download the new version instead of using a cached version: no, not natively but it's really easy to do with a simple html index and a folder scheme.

What I do is number my folders using an abbreviation of the course title then numbers for revisions. So say my course is called Anti-Bullying I would put my first release in a folder named ab.001. The next time I updated it the folder would be ab.002. I then manually edit my index.html file to redirect to the newer directory.

The index file is set not to cache and uses a simple JavaScript redirect and I have two back up methods as well, a meta refresh and if that fails the user can manually click to the story file.

Here's a link to a simplified version minus formatting:

I only give out a link to that index.html file so I never have to explain anything to the client or ask them to flush their browser cache.

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