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Aug 17, 2011

can anyone recommend a way of capturing a video of me navigating a web page (preferably free)?  I've tried Screenr, and it does a nice job but it appears I then have to pay for their service to capture my video in my training otherwise the quality is very poor and i can't even "read" the text on the SharePoint site - which makes my video trainer worthless.

I see how to convert most files to flash, but how can i "create" the file?

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David Anderson

HI Teri and welcome to E-learning Heroes!

Screen is entirely free and you can even download an unbranded version of your recording to insert into Sharepoint or anywhere. We use it all the time.

What size recording are you looking to record? If you're recording a larger size, say 1280x720 and view the recording in Screenr, you'll see the video is resized in the web page. But you can click the full screen button to expand and view your recording in HD. Additionally, if you download the video recording you made, the size will be the same size you recorded (1280x720).

The quality in Screenr is the best available. I'm happy to help you get the recording you're looking for. Is the web page you need to record publicly available?

Kristen Hull

Haha, I can't seem to get a screenshot of the Snagit Capture screen-- that's ironic!  I use Snagit7; under Capture Settings, there is a Mode called Video.  That lets me do it.  Alternatively, one of the Capture Profiles is "Record a video of the screen".  I don't know if that is a default profile or if you have to create it with the Add New profile wizard.

Dave Klippel

Hi Teri... long time.  I saw your post & thought I'd offer some assistance.  Check the file that I attached using ScreenFlow.  While this is a program that you usually have to buy, I'm sure that you can find it on a newsgroup, or a torrent site.  The other possibility is downloading the working demo, and then finding a workaround.  I've included one possibility of that in the video  -  for WIndows.  I have it for Mac & it works great.  I hope this finds you well.


Kat Fardian

Hi, I just downloaded Camstudio. Its very basic and has limited help but its free and once I worked it out it was pretty simple to use. It exports to AVI or SWF. I've only done basic experiments but it seemed ok except you can't edit the video in the program. Someone also mentioned a program called Jing to me and the info looks good. I just couldnt be bothering setting up an account. Good luck

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