Video embed problem: content cannot be displayed in a Frame

Nov 09, 2012

Hi All!

I am trying to embed a web object (video) in Presenter.

I'm getting an error message saying:

"This content cannot be displayed in a frame"

Does anyone know what to do to resolve this?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dan!

I took a look and I apologize for the wait. The link in the notes for slide 43 got me a little confused, it's actually for the video in slide 42. I was wondering why you'd want to show the same video twice

I was able to get the link for the correct video by just viewing your web object, which is where I should've looked in the beginning. 

I edited the Youtube links in the presentation and uploaded to Articulate Online. Both videos are playing for me, now.

Have a look and see if they play for you.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Don!

I was able to take a quick look at the file. It looks like the link you're using is actually the link to download the video file, not a view-able version of the video. Is there a version of this that's been uploaded to YouTube, like the others?

If not, what you can do is convert the wmv file to flv and insert it using the Articulate ribbon in PowerPoint.

Christine Hendrickson

Whoops, sorry about that Dan! I'm in "afternoon mode"

When you've converted the file to flv, all you'll need to do is import it. To do so, click on the button in the Articulate ribbon for "Flash Movie" in the Insert section. Locate the video on your computer and select the video options on the next screen. You should be all set after that, but let me know if you run into any snags!


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