Video Glitch on iPad

Hi All!

I have a short video inserted on every slide of a studio/presenter training. I used FLV as the video format because this reduces the size of the video. When the videos play on a computer, they work fine. When they are played on an iPad, there is a short glitch at the beginning of each video.

I have tried manually putting in a loading symbol in for one second and then have the video begin at the one second mark...thinking this would help buffering. I continue to get the glitch at the beginning of each video.

I have tried this in multiple environments with an iPad and an iPad2 with download speeds ranging from 9mbps to 18mbps and I continue to get the glitch.

Any advice? Should I increase the "fake buffer time" to 3 or 4 seconds? Some other approach?

Thanks in Advance,

p.s. I've talked to other developers who have experienced this issue, but I don't know anyone that has solved it yet.


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Keith Kemsley

Hi Ashley,

By glitch I mean that there is a small audio "blip" and the video starts one or two seconds in. (The first word or two is cut off.) This has been a consistent issue w/ videos in Presenter but because it is only on iPad's, this is the first client to be concerned enough to ask us to engage with Articulate for a fix.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Keith,

I'm glad adding a few seconds of loading time helps out with this situation. I'm looking to see if there is any additional documentation of this issue - but I'm not seeing it, so if you'd like us to take a look at your course set up we'd be happy to. You can package and share your Presenter files here.