voice recording interactivity with slideshow - can it be done?

Mar 21, 2011

Hi, I'm very new to the e-learning forums, 30 minutes new to be exact.  So bear with me if this is a common question and I just couldn't find it.

I'm working with the Articulate '09 package and I know you can record your own voice for use with presenter, but I'm wondering, is it possible to have a published Articulate slideshow that allows anyone who views the slideshow to interactively record their own voice for use, say with a quiz or engage application?

In other words, if a slide asks the user to say " I love bees." it would record the user's voice and replay their own sounds back for them.

Can this be done? Or would it require an outside application or source? If so, can you recommend any outside products that articulate would support?

Thank you

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