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Sep 15, 2012

Hi folks!

I'm working with a client that is using Articulate Presenter although now that Storyline (SL) is out (wasn't when we started the project 2.5 years ago), she's wanting to add some Storyline slides to her current presentation (for interaction). The easiest thing would be to get her to move over to SL, but we are taking baby steps!  The workaround: make the interaction in Storyline, publish, add a html page to the published SL folder and insert a web object (that published folder with the html page inside) into the presentation of PowerPoint (Presenter). 

I've included the html code below and here's my question. The html page is set to a certain height/width.  See screenshot below. It's an OK workaround, but this web object is static. It's not sizeable by browser and I'd like the option to have it be scaleable to the size of whatever the player size is. You can see from the image that I put a brown border around this which shows the width ="555" height="415. Does anyone know code well enough to recommend a better size for this web object OR better yet, a piece of code that let's this object be the size of what the end user's browser would be (the same as what the player in Articulate Presenter does with their published files)?

Thanks much in advance for the help!



<object width ="555" height="415">

<param name="movie" value="story.swf">

<embed src="story.swf" width="555" height="415">





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