When does Presenter pass the variable that X slides have been viewed to the LMS to signal completion?

My client wants to include a pre-test which, if passed, skips the course content and marks the learner as having completed the course. If the learner fails the pre-test, they have to take the course and then the post-test. 

I can't just loop them back to the pre-test because, if they fail the pre-test again, the learner has to retake the course.  Our format is, if they fail the post-test, they have retake it until they pass it. Both the pre- and post-tests consist of a randomized subset of a group of questions, so they (theoretically) never get the same set of questions. 

I came up with the idea of scoring the course as complete after viewing X slides, which would include the number of slides viewed by a learner who successfully completes the pre-test on the first pass. Given that approach, a learner who failed the pre-test would view the required number of slides after viewing just two or three content slides. 

Hence my question of when Presenter "counts" the slides viewed. Does that happen as soon as the required number of slides has been viewed, regardless of what the learner does next? If the learner fails the pre-test, watches a few slides (meeting the requirement in the Slides Viewed parameter) and then abandons the course, would Presenter still consider the course completed? 

Thanks for your help. Articulate support is the BEST!


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Tim Kraft

Yes, Articulate 360 and Presenter. After sending my request, I continued to search the forums and found a possible workaround: A final, 1-question quiz that asks something along the lines of "Are you ready to record your completion?" and make THAT quiz the trigger for course completion. A but clunky but I think it will do the job. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

Yes! That's a common recommendation here, as then you're in direct control of the completion. You'll still need to include a results slide to send the completion to your LMS but you can customize it to look as you wish - perhaps a "completion" slide letting the learner know they've finished and that results will be sent to the LMS?