Window size anomaly with Synch Animation and external monitor

Feb 25, 2011

Studio '09 on Win7x64 with Office 2007.  Ultramon manages the image, and a smart taskbar, on an external monitor.  96dpi is set per the instructions here: <>

Symptom  Synch Animations does not stay on the external monitor as PPT does, but instead goes to the laptop screen.  That wouldn't be a problem except Articulate is sizing the Sync Animation window on the laptop screen as if the image is on the much-wider external monitor.  Doh!

What I've Tried So Far

  • Ultramon's keyboard shortcut to move the window to the external monitor fails (first time that's happened).  The slide image stays on the laptop screen.  The narration script and the window area above and to the left of it transfers (looks like a picture frame sample in a retail framing store), but the rest stays on the laptop screen.  Window control buttons on the laptop screen do not respond to the mouse.  Control buttons, such as Save and Close, do respond.
  • Can't scroll on the laptop screen to resize the (too-large) window. Maybe there's a keyboard shortcut for that but I don't know it.
  • Changing the "large monitor" option under Presentation Options has no effect that I see yet.

What next?

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True Disbeliever

Actually, the anomalies aren't over.

When I get past this deadline I'll try to grab a screenshot of other behaviors.

  • In Sync, normally only the slide appears in the window and the Notes area appears as the script.  No problem.  But one time through the slide image and the Slides tab content appeared. That's not quite a problem; at least an inconsistency that eats at the back of my head, like: "implosion imminent?"
  • In a couple of cases in Sync, the slide image would not update with animations even though Sync had detected animations on the slide and the button was responding to the mouse and the timer was running.  Exiting and re-entering PPT has been clearing this symptom. Re-syncing the slide prior to the slide that just changed also seems more reliable.

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