Wistia video embed in Presenter 360

Jun 08, 2017

I want to embed a video hosted on Wistia in Presenter 360. When I use a Web Object with the video page URL, it shows the Wistia menu on the page, not just the video... plus the video is smaller for some reason I haven't figured out.

I want to be able to just embed the video using the embed code. Is there a way to do that in Presenter 360? I'd prefer to host on Wistia if possible so I can track views on that video.

If it can't be done, I'll just use the insert video feature, but we use Wistia for every other video in our company.

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Heather Beaudoin

Thanks, Phil.  I tried copying in the Wistia embed code for both 'Inline Embed' and 'Popover Embed' (I assumed I'd want Inline but I tried both) and got a message saying Articulate can't use that embed code. Maybe it stopped working at the same time as YouTube videos in May 2015.

Hopefully there's a way to edit the embed code Wistia generates for it to work in Presenter. Strangely, the Wistia embed code works just fine in Rise.

Heather Beaudoin

Thanks... I did see that a few min ago after my first reply to you and it worked great. I'm now playing with changing my plan on having the Presenter player play/pause the video. It looks like that doesn't work for the embedded Wistia video, which I can understand. So, I'm removing those features on the demo slides and using the Wistia controls. Thanks for your help!

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