word game timing problem

I made a word game but can't make the time allowed stay put. The default is 60 seconds. I changed it to 30 and, after several times of re-doing it, the time finally stayed at 30 seconds when published. Now, my test group found the time too short so  I need to up it to 45 seconds. I open and edit, delete the 30 and type in 45, go to next, until I get to finish. If I scroll backward, my 45 seconds is still there.

But when I preview the game slide, it still allows just 30 seconds.

It took me a long while to make it change from the original 60 to 30 and now the same thing is happening when I try to adjust the time again.

I also used the sequence game and had no trouble resetting the time in that.

Any ideas?

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Jon DeMartino

Thanks for the quick reply. I wonder if it has to do wth the indivdual time settings for each question. I kept switching things around and finally got it fixed. I hadn't ever changed those and was just working with the default time. This last time, when I got it to work, I set each question to a different time, and it seems to be okay.

Thanks again for another rapid response from the team.

David Burton


Just to reiterate what you have stated, the 'Default question time limit' found on the first dialog for a Learning Game --> Word Quiz is for new questions only. This setting does not get applied to questions already created. All questions have can have their own time limit and is set when creating or editing a question.

I hope this helps!