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Can I manipulate these files at time of publishing:

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My client is running a People Soft LMS module which is AICC compliant (1st for me). We ran a publishing test with Articulate and I have two issues that they say I need to handle at time of publishing:

Their note:

Two files need to be updated during my last content upload process are the AU file and the CRS file. But they should be able to modify during the content publishing.


(1)    In the AU file, there is a “File_Name” parameter and that value was from one of the publishing options called “server url”, it was defaulted to “http://www.servername.com/presentation/index_lms.html” by the publishing tool. We want you to change it to “index_lms.html” before we publish the content, so the value in the file will be “index_lms.html”.


In the CRS file, there is a parameter called “Course_Creator” it was defaulted to blank (no value provided). Give a value for the field in order to upload the AICC files successfully, any value should be fine like “TOD” or your name, I think the field should be on one page of the publishing tool, it is called “Author” or something similar.

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Brian Batt

Hi Greg,

You can change those items by using the method below:

1.  Click on the Articulate menu > Publish

2.  Choose the LMS tab

3.  In the LMS drop-down, choose AICC

4.  Click the Reporting and Tracking button

5.  Select the Reporting tab

6.  Change the items that you need to change

7.  Click the OK button and then Publish your project

Let me know if you have any other questions.