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Jeff Kortenbosch

Selection pane is the one I use the most. But what about the unmentioned quick access bar in the top of your powerpoint screen. You can add anything you use often by right clicking it in the ribbon and adding it to the quick access pane. As you can see I've added the Selection pane, Alignment tool and the Paste as PNG feature which I use a lot.

Taylor Croonquist

Love the QAT and am shocked that so few people actually use it...here is a picture of mine and a bit of my own personal "strategy" behind it…SUPER geeky, I know :)


QAT Setup


Nuke the first three commands as they are simple CTRL + S, CTRL + Z and CTRL + Y shortcuts and thus eating up valuable space (this applies to other Office programs too).


The first nine positions should be reserved for keyboard shortcuts that have more than five key strokes into the Ribbon as they make easy ATL +1 to 9 shortcuts...anything after that is where you should park your mouse shortcuts...i.e. things in the Ribbon like the shapes gallery that you need to select and draw with your mouse anyway on your slide…i.e. there is no benefit to hitting it with the Alt key.


Also, don't forget the "not in your Ribbon" commands that you can add by customizing the QAT through the ‘more commands’ dialog.