Adding a back button in Quizmaker

Apr 07, 2011

Has anyone been able to add a back button to a blank slide in quizmaker?

I would like to incorporate 5 blank slides, 1 being the question and the other 4 showing the different large images where the learner reviews then the question and choices appear to choose from.

The images are too large to place all on one slide and I would rather keep the entire quiz in one format, whether it is all just created in PPT or in Quizmaker. So if I'm not able to create a back button then will just go the route of creating the questions in PPT.

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Phil Mayor

jeanette showed a good solution of inserting more than one large image using the zoom function.  I think you use cut and paste. So you insert the image and set it to zoom, cut that image, insert your next image set that to zoom then paste previous image etc. or something like that

that should get all your images on one slide


Giselher Redeker


I want to have a backward function so that the user will be able to review and modify answers he already gave.

If I use the question list navigation panel located in the top left portion of the quiz to return to a previously visited question: What do I need to do, that previous answers can be modified?

Looking forward for a quick solution

kind regards



Hi Giselher,

Please enable the "Submit at once" option in the Navigation tab in Quiz  Player templates.

So that you can find Next and Previous button for all questions. If you want to modify your question, you can come back and modify with the help of Previous button.

Hope it would help for you.

Thanks and Regards,


Giselher Redeker


I am using "feedback by answer" and "branching" in my questionaire, meaning that dependend on a particular answer the user will be branched to different next questions.

Maybe that's the reason, this does not work? When selecting "Submit at once" this leads to a plain linear sequence in my quiz, ignoring the branching.

Kind regards


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