applying results display settings to several quizzes

May 20, 2011


I've already created a lot of quizzes.

I'd like to apply the same settings to them, when it comes to displaying the pass / fail results.

I know how to customize the results slide for a given quiz (for example, change the english messages in french ones).

But how can I use this "template" for another quizzes, without having to change the default texts each time ? 

Thanks for any input.


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Hi Brian,

Yes, but that's useful when you create a new quiz.

I'd like to apply specific settings to quizzes that I've already made.

It seems applying an existing template to a quiz allows to automatically change a lot of settings (layout, navigation, text labels, colors and effects, other) but do not retain the default results slides.

That's very annoying, as I have to manually change the default results slide for every quiz I've already made. Time consuming, to say the least...


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