applying results display settings to several quizzes


I've already created a lot of quizzes.

I'd like to apply the same settings to them, when it comes to displaying the pass / fail results.

I know how to customize the results slide for a given quiz (for example, change the english messages in french ones).

But how can I use this "template" for another quizzes, without having to change the default texts each time ? 

Thanks for any input.


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Phil Mayor

Hi Andre

Not sure if there is an easier way, but I copy and paste the results slides (in slide view).

I normally set up a quizmaker file as my template for a project, and set it as read only (file properties in windows) and then create every quiz using this template saving as another file



Hi Brian,

Yes, but that's useful when you create a new quiz.

I'd like to apply specific settings to quizzes that I've already made.

It seems applying an existing template to a quiz allows to automatically change a lot of settings (layout, navigation, text labels, colors and effects, other) but do not retain the default results slides.

That's very annoying, as I have to manually change the default results slide for every quiz I've already made. Time consuming, to say the least...