Articulate Studio 13 - Score is not showing in the quiz result

Jul 22, 2016

It seems that score is not showing unless you meeting the passing score.

e.g. if you set the passing score to 80% then you need to get 8 correct answers for you to see the score. however if you did not meet the 8 correct answers you still get zero even you got like 3 scores. Please help me.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Rodstephen -- Thanks for reaching out here and it appears that you have posed a similar question over here, so I thought I might link the two discussions for anyone following along. May I ask if you could use the steps here on How to Create an Articulate Package to let us take a closer look? To share privately, here is the form you would need to send for review. 

Crystal Horn

Hey there!  I just wanted to add this information on too!

To cover some bases, I first wanted to drop this article from the Quizmaker User Guide about editing the results slide.  You'll want to make sure you're using a graded results slide that includes the option to Show users's score.  You'll also want to check and see if your Failure layer on the results slide shows that user score as well.

If you have your course set up that way, and you still aren't seeing the score in your published output, are you testing in an LMS environment?  You can use SCORM Cloud, which is free and relatively easy: zip, upload and test.  

And like Christie said, we're happy to review your files!  Let us know if that's helpful!

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