Branched feedback incorrect answers not working correctly.

Aug 24, 2011

Hi all,

I have created multiple branched quizmaker questions for the end all my sections of my presentation. The correct answers work great but the incorrect answers don't work well. I have it set up as feedback by question. At first I had the attempts set to unlimited. When I previewed and published and tried to select wrong answers nothing happened. It would not go to the incorrect answer branched slide. I changed it to Attempts 1 and now I get the incorrect feedback slide. I have the incorrect feedback slide set up to go back to the question so that they can retry. When it goes back to the question however, the answer options are greyed out and they can't change their answers based on the intrinsic feedback they received. The Submit button is still there though, so when I click on submit (even though I didn't have the option to change my answer) it takes me to the correct feedback.

Why won't it let me change answers after being incorrect and why does it assume the next "Submit" is correct?

Thanks in advance, Brandy

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Brandy Rainwater

I didn't branch away from the question, it's still in the same question group.

I'm trying to do it like this tutorial shows...about 30 seconds into this tutorial she answers the question incorrectly and it goes to a branched slide for incorrect, then it goes back to that question where they have to re-answer it correctly before moving on to the next question.

I can't figure out what I did differently, that it won't allow them to go back to that same question to try and answer it again.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Brandy. The issue is that you are not allowed to retake a question. How they got around that is that they duplicated the question and the incorrect feedback branched them to the different version of the same question. Make sense? Another thing you could do would be to not branch and just use the built in feedback for the question if they get the answer correct or incorrect. Incorrect will allow them to retake the question for the number of times you specify in Scoring -> Attempts.The default action of a correct answer is to go to the next question or slide so really no need to use branching at all.

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