Branching and Randomization Help....Possibility?

Jul 27, 2012

I am having an issue with the branching and randomization or questions.


-          The first question asks the user to select their role.  Based on their choice they are branched to a specific group of questions

-          There are 6 question groups total, all are randomized

-          Each group contains at least 15 questions, 10 are included in the randomization

-          After the 10th question the user needs to be branched to ‘Finish Quiz’


-          Based on the specified role, the user is branched to the 1st question of the particular question group

-          A separate question group was created that includes the final question included at the end of the specific role question group. This prevents the final question which was branched to ‘Finish Quiz’ from being included in one of the  first 9 of 10 randomized questions. 

-          Since the last question has branching to ‘Finish Quiz’, it is  now included in a separate group preventing it from being included in one of the 9 of 10, the original question group is now set to randomize 9 questions.


-          Role question works and branches to the first question of the specific group

-          The final question, which was separated into its own group (not randomized), is sometimes included in the randomization of the first 9 questions.

I want the user to be sent to a specific randomized question group based on their role selection.  On the 10th question they should be sent to branch to finish quiz.  Does anybody have a workaround?

Select the role and branch to question 3 if you choose role 1.  (18 is a seperate group from the group with no randomization and branching set to 'Finish Quiz'

Any help would be great!

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