branching from a Quize of survey

May 18, 2011

Hi, Just trying to put together my first Articulate presentation

I would like to add one question quiz or survey (don't know which one would be best - either a multichoice quiz or a 'pick one survey) to my presentation just to confirm understanding (not to be graded).  From the answer I would like it to branch to my previous slide if the answer is wrong, and to the next slide if correct. 

Under the feedback 'more' button I am only offered default or finish quiz (or go to another question if there is one)

Hope this makes sense



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Alex Burford

Hi Brian,

I have a slightly different request.  Users may reach my quiz through two different routes.  I would therefore like two 'finish' buttons and re-label them 'finish and go to start' and 'finish and go to next'.  I can't see this as an option.  Are you able to recommend a workaround?  Can I disable the the 'finish' button completely so I can create two simple hyperlinks within the main results slide?

Many thanks in advance,


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