Branching Issue

Hello!  I have created a Quiz in Quizmaker and have created a multiple choice question at the end of the quiz that is locked as the final question.  It asks the user if they are sure if they have completed all questions.  If they click "yes" then moves to the next slide which is the end of the quiz, if they click "no" then I have created a simple branch that sends them back to slide 1 which would allow them to review their questions via the Questions List Menu before submitting.

The issue I'm having is that no matter what response the user selects they are forced to "submit" their quiz and are sent to the final feedback slide.  My branching will not work.  Will branching not work if users are on the final question of the quiz?  I have my navigation set up as free navigation, so I want users to be able to navigate freely between questions and only submit when they are ready do.

Essentially, I want the users to be able to decide when they want to submit their quiz for a final grade.

Thank you in advance!

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