Changing the FINISH button for each quiz embedded presenter '13

Dec 19, 2013


I am hoping someone can answer this for me.  I am not having any luck changing the name of the FINISH button in Quizmaker.  I am only able to change that button name in the Presenter text label editor, not in the Quizmaker one.  I am able to change all of the other button names in Quizmaker, except for the FINISH button.  

I want to change the button to say NEXT on three of the four quizzes in my course so that the user doesn't get the impression that they are finishing the course before the final exam.  I don't mind if the FINISH button says FINISH in the last quiz.  The problem is I can only change that button in presenter which changes all of the FINISH buttons in all 4 quizzes.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Patrick,

You're correct and it looks like this is by design. The text label for the "Finish" button in Quizmaker is truly intended for when the quiz is published as a standalone quiz. When the quiz is inserted into PowerPoint/Presenter, that particular button is then controlled by the Presenter player and text labels. This is because it's tied to the Presenter slides at that point. 

You're also correct in that it will modify the text label for all of the quizzes inserted into that particular presentation. Is the final quiz the very last piece of content the user sees in your course? If so, maybe you could use something like "Continue" for all quizzes and provide a "Thank you" slide at the end. Or you could insert a blank slide in Quizmaker and note that the learner can click on "Next" (or whatever label you use) to exit the course. 

Another option - and I don't know if this will work for you, because the scoring would function differently - would be to insert the quizzes as separate web objects. This way, you could publish them as standalone quizzes and customize the final button on each quiz. Just keep in mind, again, that this would alter the way the scoring would work for your course. If the final quiz is the only one that the user is required to pass, that may not be a problem, but I'm not sure if that's the case for your project.

In the meantime, if you'd like to see additional options for providing separate text labels for quizzes inserted in Presenter '13, I would recommend sending in a feature request.

I'd also love to hear any tips or suggestions from the community on this as well.


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