Clickable sound clips in Quizmaker?


I'm wondering how to create a quiz (using Articulate Quizmaker, but I'd be open to solutions in Presenter or Engage as well) with clickable sound clips.

Specifically, I'm trying to create a quiz in which participants listen to two sound clips (sample calls in this case), and they have to choose which call followed the guidelines they learned in the training. Ideally, I'd like to be able to put in two phone icons, one labeled "Call 1" and the other "Call 2" and let the participants click each icon to listen to each call. Then, they'll be able to choose the correct call, either by clicking on the icon or somewhere else, and told if they chose right or wrong.

I know I can do this with branching in PowerPoint and adding action buttons, but I've had some issues with exporting sound clips in the past and I'm not sure if this solution will work in conjunction with Articulate.

Does anyone know a way of doing this or something similar through ideally Quizmaker so I can track progress, or if there's a way to do it in Engage? (or even a simpler method in Presenter that won't get all messed up in the publication process).

Thanks so much!


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You could use a single audio file that plays both calls (with each being clearly identified as Call 1 and then Call 2) and modify a true/false question so that the learner is selecting call 1 or call 2 as the correct response.

If you are importing this into StoryLine, then you absolutely could modify this further to have 2 different audio files each connected to play when an image is clicked.

Minh-Triet Nguyen

Echoing Owen's comment on Slide View.  Defintely a step up from standard question engines.  

In Quizmaker, you could add a hyperlink to your phone icons and refer to the file (get rid of the h t t p :// part first).  Then after you publish, add the files to the output folder, at the same folder as the quiz.html file.  One drawback to this method is that it only works on websites, so you have to publish and host it on a web server to see it.  Doesn't work in preview, doesn't work locally. I attached a sample.

Users will click on the icon and the file will either play in a new window or media media player.  

Whitney Harkness

Thanks for the responses, everyone!

I couldn't edit the sound files and I want to avoid directing the participants away from the course to listen to audio, so what I ended up doing (if there's anyone out there with a similar dilemma who reads this) was putting in two blank slides before the question. I labeled each slide either "Call 1" or "Call 2" and then participants choose the correct slide on a third quiz page from a modified True/False response.

Thanks for the feedback and it's working out great now!!!