Clipboard Background Format in Quizmaker

Jun 22, 2011


Let's see if you can understand my question...How should I save a template that I create, so that when selecting it as the background format in Quizmaker, it will appear under the clipboard button and I will be able to apply it to all  my questions in Quizmaker?  I was able to insert one of Tom's templates from the Clipboard button, but had to insert mine from the file button and the images that were supposed to appear over  the background color were missing.  Thank you for any ideas!  - Helena

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Ron Price

I am not sure if understand the phrase "clipboard button" as it refers to Quiz Maker. but it sounds like you are trying to get a consistent image or background to appear behind all of your quiz questions.  Is that correct?  If not , then what I am about say will not mean much to you at all.

In QuizMaker Slide View, you can always add objects to the Master Slide or create multiple masters so that you can have that consistent imagery.  Your images can be inserted or just copied and pasted from your PPT.  If you do create multiple masters, you can see and assign them under the Design menu. Your Slide Masters will be your first designs on the left. Clicking on one applies to all. RIght clicking allows you to apply to just that question.

Again, this may not be what you were asking, but if it is, I hope it helps.

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