Continous Assessment

Nov 08, 2011

Hi All

Traditionally when I develop e-modules, I have the assessment solely at the end of the program. However, I want to design a module with continuous the first part of the quiz occurs early in the program, the next part slightly later and the final part at the end. I need to ensure that the results from all parts of the quiz are combined to give a pass score

The module will be designed "relatively" if there are branches, the quiz will occur at the end of the branch etc

As far as I know, I can only have one "graded" quiz per module?

Anybody got any suggestions as to how to circumnavigate this?

Many thanks


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Phil Mayor

Quizmaker has a lot of the design features of ppt built in,  you will lose animations such as custom motion paths, but the only way to have continuous assessment is to use quizmaker for your whole course, you can always save objects in ppt as images and imprt back into QM, you can do branching in QM, its not ideal but it is an option, also you can keep a running score visible at all times

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