Creating a "start" screen

Aug 11, 2014

Hi folks,

I'm making a little drag-and-drop game and I'm having a few issues getting QM '13 to behave the way I'd like it to.

I have an opening segment that I'd like to play before the game starts, as shown in the screen shot below. However, two things are currently problematic. The first is that the timer starts right away, so that the end user will be losing precious time during the intro segment. The second is that the Previous and Next buttons show up on the player, even though this is the first screen and there is no "previous" slide.

What I'd like to see instead is a START button, that, when clicked, starts the questions in the next question group, with the timer starting when this button is clicked. I need to have this project ready by this coming Thursday at 2 PM for a Demo Fair, so any prompt feedback is certainly appreciated.


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Linda Ross

Thanks for getting back to me, Leslie. It looks like there are several people asking for the same feature request that I'm referring to here about being able to specify what buttons appear on the Quizmaker player on a per slide basis. Unfortunately, none of them are helpful, since you can't override the player buttons on the Quizmaker player at the slide level currently, like you can with Presenter. Also, I'm not seeing how to get the timer to start at a particular question level either.

I'll make a feature request.

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