Customizing "The content has ended. You may close this window"

Nov 05, 2013

After clicking the Finish button, the text "The content has ended. You may close this window" is displayed. I'd like to edit this text with more specific information. What is the source for this text and where/how do I edit?


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Elaine Poirier

Hi Stefano and Ashley!

First, thank you for your answers! It helped me!

Second, since we develop French courses, it would be time consuming for us to edit the goodbye.html page each time we publish a new version of a course. Do you know if there is a way to do this modification once for all the courses and publications?

Thanks in advance!

Elaine Poirier

Jennifer Dixey

Thank you, Trent. This worked a treat and I am creating custom "goodbye" slides for all of my SCORMs now. I'm curious if anyone has tried to replicate the final slide of the slideshow (which in my case is a kind of pre-goodbye, used to signal the LMS that a video on the previous slide has been watched all the way through), in order to place it into the HTML file in hopes of having the same aesthetic in the goodbye slide as on the final slide in the SCORM? I tried using a regular Flash decompiler but there's no there there. (Apologies to Gertrude Stein.) OK I only looked at about the first six swf's in the decompiler but they were all code. Is there an anatomy of a Storyline SCORM anywhere?

Melanie F

1. Create your own HTML file with anything you like--graphics, text, etc.
2. Save it with the file name "goodbye.html" and be sure to keep it in a safe location.
3. After publishing your SL content, copy your version of the goodbye file into the LMS folder of your published files, thus over-writing the goodbye file generated by SLine.

Remember: the goodbye file is written on-the-fly every time you publish. So you'll need to keep your version of the goodbye file in a safe/handy place, and manually copy into the LMS folder after any publish.
Good luck!

Marion Pr

Hi Ashley,
We're using Storyline 2. When you publish, if you go to lms>goodbye.html.
In this file you get these 2 sentences. These don't appear when you export
for translation. Hence when you localize the courses into several
languages, you need to add this html file manually after publishing for
every language/course. Could this be avoided and these 2 sentences added to
the Storyline Word doc export for translation?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marion, 

Since changing the "Exit Course" message requires making modifications to the published output, that's not something we currently support. But adding those sentences to the Storyline Word document export for translation certainly sounds like an idea worth sharing with our product development team in the form of a feature request here

Mike Stewart

I'm glad I found this thread, just what I wanted.  My only problem is that I can't modify the master goodbye.html file that resides in Program Files (x86) on my PC (that needs an admin account). What I'm doing at the moment is copying my customised goodbye.html into the ".storyline output" lms folder after publishing but before zipping.

Aleksey Efimovich

Put the following script on the button completion of the course:

function DoCPExit()
if(window != window.parent && window.parent && window.parent["DoCPExit"] !== undefined )
if( == self)
var win ="","_self");
var win ="","_self");;


Thus You have the window will close before the advent of HTML file "goodbye.html"

Mike Stewart

It's a Trigger on the button.  Look for the Action "Run javascript" (or something like that, I'm away from my work PC) and you should find where to enter it.
Just found this on Vimeo, same idea, just apply your trigger to a button or whatever you desire. You should be able to just copy & paste Aleksey's code.

Mike Stewart

I see that it actually closes the window ... not quite what I would want.

I am using Moodle for my LMS.  So, I looked at the Moodle "Exit activity" button that is shown after exiting the course (on the page for ... Content has ended ....)

I copied the "Exit activity" button's url (  and applied it as a "Jump to URL" trigger on my final slide's Exit button.

The "Exit activity" button's url will be different for each course.

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