Don't have 'Theme' on Feedback Master Ribbon

Aug 06, 2020


I am attempting to create a custome feedback master slide layout. I have gotten into my feeback master, added a new slide master and do not have the "Theme" option on my menu to either change colours, fonts, or even save... I can do all of this in Slide Master but not Feedback Master...Why???

Thank you,


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Chantel Devitt

Thank you!

Do you folks have a phone line to call in and speak with someone? I am having some troubles with quizmaker and how to get them to stop freezing when I load them into Bistrainer. I have gone through all the proper channels for help with this with Bistrainer and you folks but there is an issue and I need to understand what is going on!

The CBLS are freezing in Bis, they are getting stuck in the quizzes and after being told by your help team that it was a Bistrainer problem, and then going through the troubleshooting with them, we have found that the problem rests with the course itself. There seems to be an issue with course navigation that I need to understand how to rectify.

Here is what I need the quiz to do:

* The user needs to be able to flip back through slides when doing a quiz to help find answers
* The user needs feedback when they get the question wrong
* The user needs to have results so they can review the questions

Please HELP ME! My users are getting very frustrated and so am I!

Chantel Devitt, BBA
Training & E-Learning Developer

Ren Gomez

Hi Chantel,

I'm sorry to hear you're still running into issues with your course! We’re committed to providing the best help possible, but it is often difficult for us to provide technical support, how-to, and design help over the phone.

I see where you've started a case on July 17th to address this issue and my teammate, Shiela, reached out with next steps an hour later. Did you receive the email?

Let us know if you didn't, and we'll attempt to reach out again!

Chantel Devitt

Thank you for the response, however would you please continue to look into this issue. I did follow the recommended steps and am still seeing issues with the course. I have been told by my LMS Bistrainer that it is on your end???

The courses are freezing at the end when you click 'Continue' after the last quiz. I have been told by Bis that they believe it has something to do with using the keyboard Next button to navigate through the course and that this option should be turned off? I don't know how to do this.

They told me this:

When the user reaches the last question in the Final Quiz of the course and answer it correctly then clicks on the Continue button, the course is stuck in a loop and does not move forward to the Congratulations page.

Basically, you may want to disable the user's ability to use the arrow keys to navigate through the slides. Or, you can let them know that if the course is locked up because of this, they can reset the course themselves as per my "workaround" instructions previously provided.
Any thoughts on this?

Chantel Devitt, BBA
Training & E-Learning Developer


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