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Dec 20, 2013


We used the email results option in Quizmaker '09.  I can't seem to find this option in QM '13.  Can you tell me how to do this?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nancy,

Looks like we were already discussing this in another thread

To answer your last question:

"Ok, can you advise how to revert back to Studio '09 for this particular project.  I have to have the results emailed..."

If the quizzes were originally created in Quizmaker '09 and you upgraded those quizzes to Quizmaker '13, Studio saved a backup file of the project. Check the folder where your quiz file is located. You should see a file with the extension .backup. 

You'll need to access Studio '09 to open that file. Now, if you don't have '09 installed on another machine, you'll need to uninstall Studio '13 and reinstall Studio '09. It is not possible to have both versions installed at the same time, on the same machine. 

You can download the latest version of Articulate Studio '09 here:

You can learn how to activate your Studio '09 programs here:

Presenter '09:

Quizmaker '09:

Engage '09:

Video Encoder '09:

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