Emailing test results to different recipients

Apr 10, 2012

Hi all,

I just have a general query about Articulate Quizmaker and I wondered if anyone can help me...

I have a request to produce an articulate multiple choice test on a server and it is not going on an LMS.

I am just publishing it as a web-based file.

It has a series of questions produced in Quizmaker such as multiple choice etc and in the settings where you Edit it, I have managed to allow the user to email the test results to an email recipient.

BUT... I would really like to set it so that the results go to 2 different email recipients.

Is this possible?

I have entered 2 separate email addresses in the field like this:-;

etc, but I have got no joy as it just sends the results to the first email and NOT to BOTH!

Also with the same set of articulate files that I have just FTP'ed to my test server, I would ideally like to have this so that that the user can get a certificate printed off if they have passed.

Is this only possible with an LMS?

Thanks in advance.


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