Embedded QuizMaker quizzes buggy in HTML5

Oct 18, 2016

I have Presenter 13 LMS presentations that include embedded Quizmaker quizzes. The presentations play fine in HTML5, but the embedded quizzes hang when trying to submit the answer to a question. If I use the left navigation panel to navigate to the next question, the hanging question is scored, and I get to try the next question. This means that I missed the feedback "pop-up", which might have been hanging the question.

I've tried running the presentation locally from my desktop to eliminate LMS or connectivity issues. Early on, the questions worked fine, but then I intermittently ran into the same issue, which means the latest quizmaker is not so HTML5 friendly. This is a big deal in today's Flash-Averse world.

All my Articulate Studio is up-to-date, and all my testing browsers are up to date. I've gotten the same bad results in Chrome, IE, and Firefox.

The presentations and quizzes run fine with Flash enabled.


- Allen

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Allen!

As far as support for HTML5 content, we support the following:

  • Windows: Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mac: Safari 6.0.5 or later, Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 6 or later

You did mention Chrome though, so we would want to assist.

You also mention LMS. Are you able to replicate the behavior in SCORM Cloud when testing the HTML5 content with Chrome or is the issue limited to your LMS?

Would you be able to share your Articulate Package for us to take a look?

Allen Keele

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for checking up.

No need to progress. I submitted a support ticket, and already learned that this is a know issue, with the typical, "We don't have a time frame yet for the fix ," final answer.

We still have HTML5 display problems I reported over 2 years ago that have long been "known issues" with no estimated fix in sight.

If Articulate is not going to get Presenter and QuizMaker to work without Flash, we will need to find a replacement soon. After 8 years of using and relying upon Articulate, and God knows how many thousands of labor hours in developing Articulate presentations and quizzes, this is a terrible concept for me.

For the benefit of everyone else who is bound to run into this, here are the details of this latest known issue:


Hi Allen, 

We don't have a time frame yet for the fix but rest assured that our QA Team is working for a resoltion. I'll keep you posted for any update. 

Rowie Barcelona

Customer Support Engineer

Articulate Support - http://www.articulate.com/support/ 

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Ouch. How long has this issue been known?

 With less and less Flash out there,  this is a really big deal. Not just an inconvenience.


On October 18, 2016 2:16:40 PM Articulate Support <support@articulate.com>



> Hi Allen,

> Thanks for checking. I have submitted your case to our Quality

> Assurance team for their review. Unfortunately, I was unable to

> determine a workaround. I cannot offer a time frame for when or if

> this issue will be resolved but I will keep you posted.

> Rowie Barcelona

> Customer Support Engineer

> Articulate Support - http://www.articulate.com/support/

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> From: Allen 

> Sent: 10/19/2016

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> Subject: RE: Case #00910734: I have the latest version of Studio 13

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> Hello Rowie,> 

> Yes, the presentations I tested have audio narration in the feedback.

> I tried another presentation that does not have audio in the feedback,

> and it worked fine. It seems I have a problem you already know about.

> My best regards,> 

> Allen 

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> Subject: RE: Case #00910734: I have the latest version of Studio 13

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> Hi Allen,> 

> Thanks for contacting Articulate Support!> 

> Could you confirm if the issue is only happening when viewing the quiz

> using HTML5? Do you have audio added on the feedback layers of your

> quiz? I asked because we currently have a known issue wherein the

> Submit button won't work if an audio is added on the feedback of the quiz.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Allen!

This issue does not have an update, but I was curious since 360 involved much more related to HTML5 and even has an HTML5 only option now.

I took a peek at the support case you worked on previously and did not see a file to test for you. 

I did, however, take a look at another file that was previously not working and it seems to work great in 360 now - even with HTML5 only output.


I'm going to update the team so that we can do some further testing, but if you're not interested in downloading the trial to test it out yourself, I'd be happy to do so for you if you could share your file with me.

Allen Keele

Hi Leslie,

The reason you don't see a file to test for me is because Rowie confirmed in my support ticket was already a known issue, thus requiring no further testing of my file to validate the issue.

A Quizmaker '13 quiz embedded into a Presenter '13 course will not function without Flash. The submit button does not work, and the quiz freezes. Again, this is not an anomaly. This is already a known bug confirmed above. Articulate really needs to fix this, rather than just force its customers to upgrade immediately in order to get a product that works as its already expected to. This issue has been sitting around for at least the two months from when I submitted a ticket, and there has been no progress since. This is terrible, an does not inspire confidence to upgrade. Does Articulate really intend to fix this in Studio 13, or is it abandoning support for Studio 13? More of "We're working on it" doesn't suffice after two months of waiting. 

If I do upgrade to 360, I have to know that the issue is truly resolved in the new product - not just that it "should" work. However, my intent is to wait to upgrade until Articulate has time to vet out the 360 bugs from its customer beta testing over the next few months. In the interim, I need Studio '13 to work as it should.

Thanks for your follow up. I look forward to your feedback on the bold items above.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Allen! I apologize for not being more clear. 

We are not abandoning support for Studio '13, but I cannot speak to what issues get resolved nor on what timeline. You have literally brought this issue to our attention again and I'm not confirming that it works in 360, but it did work in another users file and I've shared with the team so that we can further test and then perhaps confirm. I wanted to be transparent with you and failed to do so.

Again, if you wish for us to take a look, I'd be happy to add your file to the testing mix. 

Allen Keele

Hi Leslie,

I uploaded a project file. Please confirm if you got it.

Could you direct me to someone who would know if or when Presenter '13 will be able to properly implement Quizmaker quizzes in HTML 5 without Flash? After two months, I think it's a reasonable customer expectation to know how to get Presenter '13 to do what it is supposed to do with a quiz. Thanks!

- Allen

Steph Rivera

I am so angry and frustrated that I am just discovering this issue and the fact that it has not been resolved yet.  We updated last year's Legal Compliance training (developed in '09, and updated with '13) and rolled it out to 4 thousand employees.  Since then, we received ~75 support calls in the first two hours of posting which, it turns out, is tied to this HTML5 issue and QM13.  We are now scrambling to find some bandaid solution and/or Chrome/Flash download and install instructions to get people through this training.  Please, PLEASE tell me that there is a magic fix in place to help us through this!!!!


Allen Keele

Hello Steph,

I can only relate what I have learned over the months since reporting this issue.

1. The only immediate fix is to get users to enable Flash in their browsers. iPad and android users can get Flash display capability by installing the free Puffin browser (https://www.certifiedinfosec.com/e-learning/technical-support).

The "Magic Fix" to actually resolving this is to replace Atriculate Studio '13. You need to upgrade to Articulate Studio 360 and re-publish all of your presentations. Hope that Articulate will support 360 better than '13. Bugs will surely come out. Articulate may or may not fix them. You can also consider converting over to iSpring Solutions to replace Articulate Studio '13.

Please note that the latest version of Firefox is now buggy with Flash-enabled presentations, which means your users' desktop browser choices are limited to Chrome and IE exclusively. I haven't even posted the Firefox issue. What's the point? I have other Presenter '13 HTML5 issues I reported 2 years ago that are still unresolved.

2. After pressing the issue via private emails back and forth over 4 months with Senior Customer Service Engineer Emily, I was finally told that there were no fixes planned other than me buying into an upgrade. I explained this would force me to move to iSpring since their stuff works in HTML5 with no problem, and since I can't trust a company who knowingly and willfully fails to make their product work as advertised. Unfortunately, quiz conversion to iSpring is a manual cut & paste process for now.

3. A week or two after that (recently), Emily informed me that the dev team will finally look into fixing this issue along with a collection of others that have been laying around. Will they do it? Who knows. See attached.

I am not editorializing on my frustrations, as venting is pointless. I only post this to help a fellow Articulate customer. I am surprised there are not more customers with this issue. I can only surmise that they have already been successfully up-sold to Studio 360 ;-). Good luck to us both!

- Allen

Emily Ruby

Hi Allen!

I wanted to share here as well as in our case that this is something we are actively looking into fixing for an update with Studio 13. And as I know this is not something anyone wants to hear, we cannot offer a specific date for this. We are working on several bug fixes, and we need to make sure they are all good to go before releasing any updates.

While our 360 products do have a lot more to offer with HTML5, we cannot say that upgrading would be a fix for any issues that are seen in Studio 13. It is something that can be tested with a trial to see if things work different. We will continue support Studio 13, and will do our best to get updates rolled out. 

I will keep you informed in our case , as well as here, of any updates regarding this, and when a fix may be in place.

Please let me know if you need anything further.

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