Exported quiz to LMZ not copperating with SLK

Feb 11, 2014

Hi everyone,

I am using Quizmaker 13 to design quizzes, export them to LMS and import them to SLK.

My problem is that the multiple choice graded and survey questions are not recorded in the slk db after submitting the quiz. Other question types (esay, short answer, have not checked all) are recorded normally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning Michael, and welcome to Heroes!

I would recommend enabling LMS Debug Mode so that you can see precisely what data your quiz is submitting to your LMS.  If the proper data seems to be sent and your LMS isn't receiving it, you'll want to seek support from the vendor to see what can be done.

However, if the LMS Debug Log doesn't show your quiz data being sent, we'd invite you to send us a copy of your .quiz file for a closer look.  Thanks!

Michael Vourakis

Good morning Jastin and thank you for your reply.

The strange thing is that the same questionnaire build with the rel 9 update 9 works fine, ie all the learner responses are recorded normally (except some problems with the Greek language - in multiple choice answers Greek chars are substituted by dashes, fortunately the number of the question is present).

I will try to find out the SLK debug mode and let you know.

Thank you !

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