Faking Points per Attempt and feedback per Attempt

Hi there,

One of the requested features for our quizzes is a difference in points value for a second attempt  - i.e. you provide some helpful feedback on a wrong selection and ask the question again but with a lower points value.

My understanding is that this feature isn't available in Quizmaker - the points value doesn't change on a second attempt.Also it's not possible, so I believe, to have different feedback per attempt.

What I was planning on doing was trying to fake this functionality with question groups.

So lets say I have a 10 question quiz.

I was going to create two question groups
Group 1 - full mark questions
Group 2 - half mark - same questions

If the user gets question 1 correct they get full marks - whatever feeedback message we've assigned and move to Q2 of group 1.

If the user gets the question wrong - they get incorrect feedback which is a helpful clue - this then branches to a separate question group 2 where they're asked Question 1 again but with a lower points value.

If it's correct they get the lower points - whatever feeedback message we've assigned - and move to Question 2 of Group 1.

If it's incorrect they get no points - we tell them the answer (the second feedback) and move to Question 2 of Group 1

Has anyone done this?  I'm thinking this should work but wanted to check if there's anything we should consider before building it.



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Justin Wilcox

Hey Frank, this would work, though you would have to consider the point values of the questions. For example, if you have a question that is worth 10 points and you get it wrong and go to the same questions that is worth only 5 points, you have to consider that they are now going to get 5 points out of 15 versus 5 out of 10. So you would just need to consider what you would still allow for a passing score.