Question/Answer Feedback Based on Attempt

Jan 24, 2012

Is there a way to customize feedback based on attempt? We would like to allow 2 attempts per question, but want to customize the feedback so that after the second attempt the learner is given the correct answer before moving on to the next question. I think I know how to do it if we only allow 1 attempt (blank slides and branching), but I can't figure out how to do it after the second attempt.

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Lesley Cashman-Peck

I followed Jeanette's post that Pete mentioned above but am using Storyline and my question set up was slightly different. The question I'm working with allows 2 attempts and provides feedback by answer choice. I need the correct answer to be revealed if 2 incorrect attempts are made. To accomplish this I branched the correct answer to the next content slide and then I branched the 3 incorrect choices to a new slide that contained the correct answer. It worked! Just thought I'd share in case there's another person who needed a slightly different solution.

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