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Re: Studio 13 quizmaker

1. Problem one, you change the feedback master but it doesn't affect existing questions and there seem to be no way to 'reset' the question to force the use of the formatting the feedback master. E.g. Changing the color of the feedback text style will not overwrite text if it had been previously changed. Any solutions?

2. There appears to be no way to globally change feedback masters from one lesson quiz to another. If you import questions into a quiz with the feedback master you like, the questions will bring in a new feedback master (even with the same default name) rather than absorb the feedback master style of the quiz shell you want to use.  

I have found no way of applying new feedback masters without going in question by question, layer by layer and selecting the layout I want. 

Any suggestions for globally changing feedback masters and globally clearing out pre-existing formatting?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into with your project.

I took a look at Quizmaker '13 to try to recreate what you were describing, and the colors are updating on my feedback layers as expected:

To your second question, it sounds like a Quizmaker template may be more what you are looking to utilize. Have you tried that approach yet?

To completely change the feedback masters, you could create a new feedback master, then apply the layout to the slides needed.

Deborah Munitz

I know how to create a new template. I know how to edit the template. What I am getting frustrated by is that I can't figure out how to apply the new template without going question by question, layer by layer to reapply the new template. I can't seem to globally replace the existing template with a new template even if the name is the same. So I can do what I want but it take FOREVER. Am trying to figure out a way to do this en masse and that is where I am stuck. 

If you try to import question from a different quiz into a file with the template I want, The question drag along their bad templates, so that doesn't work. 

I hope this makes more sense.